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Snow in Summer Tree

One of our neighbours has this amazing tree which, in early summer breaks out in white blossoms. The whole tree gets covered.
Enjoy the sight of a Snow in Summer tree

Flowers Travel Western Cape

A trip to the West Coast National Park

The west coast of South Africa is a dry semi-desert region with an average rainfall of 280 mm (12″). For most of the years the vegetation is low scrub and thorn bushes with patches of dry dusty ground. In August after the winter rains things change dramatically. The flower come out in raging colours. This display lasts three months and by the end of October the flowers are gone and the dry dusty veld is left.
We drove up to Langebaan in mid August after good winter rains and enjoyed the glory of the flowers

The flowers spread across all the open ground and wild profusion. If you drive through quickly you only see the carpet of flowers. If however you stop and look, there is a wealth of beautiful flowers hidden within the showy flash of white, yellow and orange.

flower Flowers Photography Travel


Once in about a decade the March Flowers or Maartblomme rise out of the harsh Tankwa Karoo soil and bring colour and life to the dry and harsh landscape. We were fortunate to make the 5 hour trip from Cape Town to Nieuwoudtville to see them.

A glimpse of the harsh Tankwa Karoo

The flowers seem to congregate in patches as you can see from this picture.

The flowers put out a spike covered by

Birding Photography

Random photographs

Some photographs from our trip to Riviersonderend


Random Photographs

Lemon tree blossom and some visitors
flower Fynbos Western Cape


This post will be updated regularly with pictures of flowers from the Fynbos biome in the Western Cape, South Africa. The flowers were photographed all over the place and I will not be giving localities because some are so old that I cannot remember where I took the pictures.

Birding flower Photography

Birds on the Tecoma Capensis in Riviersonderend

Sunbirds are incredible fliers and they love the honey suckle in our garden.

Femail Malachite Sunbird
And landed.
Cape Turtle Dove. I cannot resist photographing them, they are just so beautiful