East Cape Painting Part 2

I painted this painting from a photograph, made some adjustments to the background, and now it is finished.

Dirt Road Travel

The Open Road

The R407, a dirt road between Klaarstroom and Willomore in the Eastern Cape is a brilliant drive if you like dirt roads.


It is very, very hot and dry and it makes you realize how big South Africa really is.

Driving the road in my old Subaru Imprezza was fun because of its amazing road holding. I cannot wait to take my new Imprezza out for a long dirt road drive.

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Sunset near Komani

Or Queenstown as it was known previously
The pictures were taken from the top of the Nonesis Nek Pass on the Road between Komani and Cacadu (Lady Frere)

The dam here is the Cacadu Dam
Cacadu which means “Bulrush Water” and is the Xhosa name for the White Kei River
Part of the cutting of Nonesis Nek Pass

East Cape Painting

I was requested to do a painting a of a group of women in the Eastern Cape. I agreed, not realising the complexity of the task.

Well, the women are painted, it is just the background and now I am not sure how to proceed.

It is that huge mountain in the background that is the problem. I have several ideas, but am battling. Oh well, I will sort it out eventually.