Riviersonderend Cells

The Cells are constructed of two layers of corrugated iron with cement in between. Large rivets hold the layers of corrugated iron together.
The cells had concrete floors which couldn’t have been particularly warm in winter.
There are two separate cells.

The cells used to have toilets in them. These have since been removed. You can see where the toilet used to be. The brown oblong shape is a ventilator.

The windows are high and barricaded with steel reinforcing bar.
The doors are double layered iron.

Strangely enough the door hinges are on the inside.

The keys are huge!

Five star outside ablutions were also providedbehind the cells.
In case you are wondering the shower (on the right) and the basin are only provided with cold water.

Right now, the graffiti. The graffiti is carved into the door jambs and scraped onto the doors themselves. The most poignant bit of graffiti in the whole collection is this one.

The rest? Well I will leave you to decide.