Little Grebe Breakfast

Also known as Dabchicks the Little Grebes are common on water bodies across the Western Cape. Their epic territorial battles are wild and noisy and totally unmistakable. What I didn’t know is that they eat frogs. They catch them by diving under the water for long periods and then reappearing with prey in beak. I was lucky enough to see the whole process enacted under the bird hide I was in.
The bird was swimming along and then suddenly disappeared. Only to emerge with a frog in in its beak.

The disappearing act


Rooikat Trail – Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve

If you are fit, strong and like a challenge, the Rookat Trail in Vroulijkheid Nature Reserve is a hiking challend. If you don’t, live vicariously and join us on the trip.

Clouds to save us from the heat.
Clouds to keep us cool
Someone left their mace behind
A carnivorous plant
The path goes ever on (Tolkein)
Ashton Somewhere there
And on
A broken path on the way. Dieter shows skill and dexterity