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Whipstock Farm Astrophotography

High up above McGregor in the Breede River Winelands is a dark sky site par excellence – Whipstop Farm. The skies are dark and the horizons are low enough not to become intrusive.

Orion setting into the light pollution of Worcestor

The only down side of the site is the light pollution from Worcester but it is far enough away to be minimally intrusive. The rest of the horizons are pretty much clear of light pollution. Even Cape Town doesn’t really feature.

Facing south. The Milky Way dominates

The light in the trees is from a nearby chalet. There are areas away from the chalets, but the management were happy to kill the lights for me.

Satellite photo bomb
Scorpio rising with the Milky Way in attendance.

I liked the effect of the lights on the trees so I left the lights of my chalet on for effect.

The famous alignment with Jupiter and Venus very close together

I was fortunate enough to be there during the great alignment with Jupiter and Venus almost touching. Such a beautiful sight.

Venus and Jupiter, plus Jovian moons

Separated by a long telephoto lens accompanied by much swearing. The two planets were incredibly bright in the morning sky.

If you fancy some good dark skies, this is the place Whipstock Farm

Astro-photography Astronomy

Jupiter and Venus

On 1st February 2008 Jupiter and Venus were very closely aligned to one another. These pictures, taken with a digital camera show that event. And some other stars as a bonus.

The Moon in Scorpio
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Partial Solar Eclipse 2020

I have never photographed a solar eclipse for so when the December 2020 eclipse happened I was thoroughly unprepared. Despite this, I managed to get some sensible picture. Not crisp and clear cut, but the eclipse is visible. Note that these pictures were taken as and when the sun popped out from behind clouds. The sun had set before total which was a disappointment though not unexpected.

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Full Moon

Recently I bought an attachment that would allow me to take photographs with my cell phone mounted on my 8″ Newtonian reflector. After much cursing and swearing, I captured some great pictures. These two photos were possibly the best.

Astro-photography Astronomy

Moon Venus Conjunction – June 2020

The Moon and Venus were extremely close on 19 June, 2020 and I was lucky to capture some images.

Astro-photography Photography

The night sky over Bontebok National Park

Some Astro photography pics

Orion with Beetleguese shining brightly. You can also see the light pollution from Swellendam.
My 8 inch (200 mm) Newtonian reflector in the middle of the picture
Milkyway over a chalet
Astro-photography McGregor Photography Western Cape

Night in McGregor

Scorpio sets behind a stand of Casuarinas in McGregor.

Astro-photography Cape Town Photography Table Mountain

Nighttime over Gardens

Living in Gardens Cape Town is a privilege. The views are extraordinary. Here are some night time photos. Venus and the moon in close conjunction.

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Astrophotography in Grootvadersbosch

We spent a weekend in Grootvadersbosch and the second night was really good for astronomy. Clear and near windless. Beautiful!

Astro-photography Photography Western Cape

Astro Pictures – Scarborough

Long exposure, wide angled images. This one is Venus, Saturn and Scorpio.


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