Art Page

This page is dedicated to my graphic and sculptural art. It is a work in progress, so stuff will get added as I go along.

Pastel on Paper – Visiting the Dead -After Mervyne Peake

Pastel on Paper – Van Gogh

PortraitOil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Portrait – Red Chalk on Paper.

Coffee Pot – Charcoal on Paper

Self Portrait – Acrylic on Canvas

Face – Acrylic on Paper

Standing Nude – Acrylic Paper

Portrait – Charcoal on paper

Friend and dog – Portrait – Charcoal on Paper

Portrait – Charcoal on Paper

Nude in blue. Acrylic on paper – painted with a 3 inch brush.


Woman in Shadows. White chalk on black paper.

seatedNudeSeated Nude. Acrylic on canvas.

woodsForest of your dreams. Charcoal on paper.

woman4Woman I. Acrylic on Paper.

WillemienWoman II. Pastel on Paper

willemien_completePortrait for Two – Pastel on Paper

theeyesThe Eyes – Charcoal Portrait


Woman in Oils – Oil on Canvas


Lillith – Charcoal on Paper

Chrisma – Pastels on Paper

Portrait – Charcoal on Paper

Self portrait – acrylic on paper. Unashamedly copying  Picasso

Self Portrait. Woodcut on Ink on paper

Bird – Wood cut, ink on paper

Portrait – Pastel on Paper


Woman – Ink and water colours
Wood Cut – Ink on Paper (First Draft)
Portrait – Oil on Canvas
Owl in Yellow Wood
Walking into the Sunset – Photo Collage

Father Christmas – Pastel on Paper

Strange Fruit – Photo collage