We have a house in Riviersonerend. We are slowly renovating it. here you will find links to the various pages that are part and parcel of the house and its ongoing rennovations.

Garden birds. You will find lots of pictures of birds in these pages.

Taking up the floors in the south facing half of the house.

Fixing the floor. The floor was in a terrible mess when I bought the place and slowly disintegrated. You can see the sort of problems we had. This is the south facing part of the house.

New windows. The bomb proofing on the steel window was starting to disintegrate and the steel was rusting so we replaced them with aluminium.

Tree planting. There is a huge side plot and with the harsh Riviersonderend climate we have planted all sorts of plants and may have died. We are getting better at selecting survivor plants. Kei Apples and Spekboom do well.

Taking up the rotting floor. North facing side of the house

More Floor pictures. This is the north facing side of the house getting new floors

Spring flowers. Spring is a magical time in Riviersonderend.

Star Pictures. The new sodium lights have ruined the town for astronomy. These pictures were taken before then.

Thunderstorm. This was an amazing experience. 2 am and there I was filming lighting.

An original page on the condition of the house and some early rennovations is here.

A tour of the cells is here – I think a bit of background is necessary. The house was the original Magistrates Court. The big “living room” was the court room. The bedrooms were offices.