This is a page dedicated to my poetry.

I also publish my poetry here on Deep Underground Poetry. A great site, with lots of great poets.

Isolation Sunset On being isolated from my wife during the pandemic and the fear of never seeing her again.

Black Pearl I wrote a poem at the urging of an English teachers. It was supposed to be a simple story of diving for pearls, especially for black pearls, rare and expensive. My muse took over and a frightening look into my psyche happened. I destroyed the poem when I got it back. I told a friend about it and she prompted me to reconstruct the poem. So here it is a 16 year olds angst poem in shaky iambic pentameter.

Reconciliation I dreamt of my father and this poem flowed from the memory of the dream.

Dead Zone About aging and losing friends and loved ones

Crow I watched a crow glide over the Nieuwoudtville falls and this poem came from that grace.

Theewaterskloof A poem about a terrible drought

Ashes A poem about life and death

Barstool An erotic poem. Rated XX

Summer Wind II

Summer Wind

Moon Drenched

Light Sleeper

Miscellaneous Haikus

Lightning Haiku


Lament to a Dead Dog

Karoo Storm

Jewelled Predator


Full Moon

Summer Sensuality

Arnolds Breakfast


Listening in – XXX Rated.

Silvermine Hiking Circuit.

Old Dog

Wind in the Grass