Stop Motion

Putty Rubber

This is my first attempt at stop motion movies and I learnt a number of things.
1 Putty rubbers can be used effectively to create a character who moves
2 It takes time to photograph a sequence. This 18 second sequence took 20 minutes to photograph.
3 Always use a tripod. No matter how still you think your hand is and how accurate your alignment is, it isn’t any of those things.
4 The type of light you use to illuminate the scene can make a huge difference to the colour of the product. I like the effect of this long life bulb. I had fun No sound yet but watch this space.

Astro-photography Photography


Tonight the moon is 98% full. Close by are Saturn and Jupiter. And ideal photo opportunity you might say but there were clouds and aerosols so I did not get a hard classical astro-photograph but a dreamy, ephemeral image. I used a little point and shoot camera and it exceeded my expectations.

Birding Photography


Or African Harrier Hawk. We occasionally see this magnificent raptor in the Cape Town CBD. This time a neighbour spotted the bird and called us. It was sheltering from a Cape winter storm in a palm tree. I managed to get some pictures. The problem was that it was quite dark and rainy. Also the neighbour had fire burning and the smoke drifted across our line of sight. The troubles of birding photography.



A man prepares kayaks on a Mouille Point beach.

Cape Town Door Photography


On a walk around Cape Town I took a picture of a church door. Only when I got home did I see that Table Mountain was reflected in the window panes above the door.

Astro-photography Astronomy

Moon Venus Conjunction – June 2020

The Moon and Venus were extremely close on 19 June, 2020 and I was lucky to capture some images.

Birding Photography

Processing RAW Photographs

They say you should should only photograph using RAW images but I have not put any effort into learning the processing packages. A recent picture of a Juvenile Fiscal Flycatcher had bad contrast and lighting, It was ideal for post-processing using DarkTable. The result was pleasantly surprising. Here are the results of my initial efforts. Probably with more practice the results will be better, but I am quite pleased with what I achieved.

Badly lit juvenile Fiscal Flycatcher

This is the original pictures. Note how little detail is visible on the back of the bird and how the colours are muted.

Processed Fiscal Flycatcher

Here is the same picture after processing. The difference is quite marked.

GIFs Photography Table Mountain

Clouds hurrying over Table Mountain

The cold front reaches Table Mountain


Orion Setting over Lions Head

At this time of the year Orion sets directly over Lions Head. This year there were clear skies and very little pollution due to lockdown. There was as always light pollution a hazard in astrophotography, but I still got a reasonable picture.

Cape Town Photography Western Cape

Clouds over Signal Hill

Lockdown and I spent some time trying to capture the beauty of the clouds over Signal Hill.
Time lapse taken over a 10 minute period.