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Tonight the moon is 98% full. Close by are Saturn and Jupiter. And ideal photo opportunity you might say but there were clouds and aerosols so I did not get a hard classical astro-photograph but a dreamy, ephemeral image. I used a little point and shoot camera and it exceeded my expectations.

Astro-photography Astronomy

Moon Venus Conjunction – June 2020

The Moon and Venus were extremely close on 19 June, 2020 and I was lucky to capture some images.


Orion Setting over Lions Head

At this time of the year Orion sets directly over Lions Head. This year there were clear skies and very little pollution due to lockdown. There was as always light pollution a hazard in astrophotography, but I still got a reasonable picture.

Astro-photography Photography

The night sky over Bontebok National Park

Some Astro photography pics

Orion with Beetleguese shining brightly. You can also see the light pollution from Swellendam.
My 8 inch (200 mm) Newtonian reflector in the middle of the picture
Milkyway over a chalet
Astro-photography Eclipse Photography Western Cape

Lunar Eclipse 21 January 2019

There was a total lunar eclipse in in January this year but being in Cape Town we would only see the start before it slipped below the horizon.
I was not convinced it would be worth my while but in the end it turned out to be quite a good call to get up at 4:30 and head up to Signal Hill.

The start of the eclipse
Changing coluur
Blood moon starting
Hitting the horizon
During the eclipse a boat when through and provided an art photo.
Astro-photography McGregor Photography Western Cape

Night in McGregor

Scorpio sets behind a stand of Casuarinas in McGregor.

Astro-photography Cape Town Photography Table Mountain

Nighttime over Gardens

Living in Gardens Cape Town is a privilege. The views are extraordinary. Here are some night time photos. Venus and the moon in close conjunction.

Astro-photography Photography Travel Western Cape

Astrophotography in Grootvadersbosch

We spent a weekend in Grootvadersbosch and the second night was really good for astronomy. Clear and near windless. Beautiful!

Astro-photography Photography Western Cape

Astro Pictures – Scarborough

Long exposure, wide angled images. This one is Venus, Saturn and Scorpio.


The Southern Cross



Astro-photography Cape Town Hiking Photography

Hikers Descending Lions Head under a New Moon

The new moon sets behind Lions Head as hikers descend from the top after watching the sunset.


During that photographic session I saw a green deep sky object. I am still battling to identify it and figure out why it is green. The red circle on the right is a hiker, the red circle on theleft is Venus, but what is the green object?