The door is unlocked, I ease it open just sufficient to get into the room with the minimum of fuss and disturbance. A woman is standing at the window between partially opened curtains. The moon light outlines her face which is turned slightly toward me and reflects off the silky, shiny dress she is wearing. It is gossamer thin and I can see right through it where her legs make a vee rising up from parted feet. She doesn't move or acknowledge my arrival, but turns back to look out of the window, hands resting on the curtains as if to draw them closed.

I move silently, stealthily up behind her, she is bigger than I expected and taller. Strong. She will be dangerous, but I am confident that I can handle anything she tries. I slide my hands onto her hips feeling the silky material under the palms of my hands, her flesh is warm and firm under my hands. I caress her gently, carefully, she doesn't react at all. She is silent, still. Her inaction stirs me into more adventurous action and I run my hands slowly across her belly, gently stroking her through the silky dress. Still no reaction. I slide my hands upwards until I feel the curve of her breasts, I tilt my hands following the curve up till I find the nipples, still soft, not yet engorged. I gently massage them, tugging gently on the nipples till they harden and stand out proud. Suddenly she sighs and moves her hips back against my crotch.

Emboldened, I run my hand down onto her pudenda and start massaging it. She pulls at the dress and a slit opens allowing me access to her soft mound. I gently caress it, feeling the wetness start to grow between her legs. Soon I have a finger sliding gently into her, stroking her clit, stoking her fires. He leans back against me, pressing against my hand, making gentle moaning noises. Her legs are now slick with juice and I have a finger inside her. She starts to gasp and I step back pulling her back with me, laying her none to gently on the floor. I push her legs apart and kneel between her legs. Her ovipositor starts to pull a way from her belly and I press a hand against it. It is harder and stronger then I expect and for the first time I wonder if I have overreached myself. I get the ovipositor under control and I penetrate her, fast and hard.

The advice rings in my head, "Ride her hard. Ride her long, till her legs are weak and she cannot move. Fuck her senseless." I get into my stride, but she is far too experienced, she does things to me that shatter my carefully nurtured control and long before I should, she has brought me to the edge of orgasm, she is still moving easily and strongly. I am losing control and she knows it, I can see it in her eyes. I force down the orgasm and hold on, feeling her start to respond. I hold on, and start to gain control. We battle for control and then suddenly she starts to whimper, twitch and her orgasm roarts through her, triumphantly I allow my control to slip and pump my seed deep inside her.

I roll clear and start to get up, as I do I hear her laugh. "I faked it little one. You are mine." I scrabble to my feet and run for the door, but she is far more fast than I. She grabs me by the hair, kicks me behind the knees and I go down hard. I am winded by the impact and she drags me slowly toward the window. With terrifying ease she flips me on my back and pinions my legs under hers. She pulls the dress apart and her ovipositor is standing up, rampant, hard, terrifying. She smiles gently, pulls on the foreskin and a needle like sting appears, a drop of poison beading the top. I kick at her trying to escape, she just laughs, and slowly lowers the ovipositor and the sting to my belly. Tauntingly she strokes my belly with the ovipositor, keeping the sting away from me, then slowly she bends the sting down and presses it into my belly. The ovipositor convulses as the poison is pumped into me. I screaming in agony as it races through my body, paralysing everything except the vital organs. I can see and hear, I cannot talk or move and I watch as she pulls back the sting, and exposes the sharp point of the ovipositor. I can see the already fertilised eggs starting to move in the shaft of the oviopositor. Still smiling she positions it near the middle of my stomach and presses down. I can feel it start to penetrate, but I can do nothing.

"Now look after my children for me nicely. Feed them well with your body juices." She laughs and presses the ovipositor deep into me and then starts a rhythmic thrust into me. She takes her time, taking her pleasure from my pain and and fear. Eventually she starts move harder and faster, grunting as she to ejaculate eggs into me. I feel them enter and I feel them moving. Soon they will begin to feed. For a few moments she is immobilised by the ejaculation, then she shudders, removes the ovipositor and stands up, the dress falling across her belly hiding the instrument of my destruction. She drags me off into a corner,

"We don't want to put off any other suitors now do we?" and she goes back to her place in the window.

It is silent for a while then the door opens again and another male enters. This one is is bigger than me by far, bigger than her, but she doesn't seem to be concerned. As I did he slides his hands over her body, but he seems to be more adept with his hands, and soon she is gasping, out of control, thrusting her hips back, trying to get him to lie her on her back and fertilise her. He holds her up, hand on her belly, other hand pleasuring her from behind. She tries to break free, but he is too strong. He flips her dress up and mounts her from behind, her hands on the window sill head thrown back, she is gasping, moaning and writhing. He thrusts into her again and again and again, until her legs start to buckle. He holds her up as she finally starts collapses and ejaculates inside her with a grunt, then slowly lowers her to the floor. Her ovipositor is up and slashing at him but he grabs it deftly, tilts it back toward her, injects the poison into her belly and she screams as the poison starts to take effect. Before she is completely paralysed, he thrusts the ovipositor into her belly and then massages the ovipositor gently building her up to her orgasms and ejaculation. She moans in ecstasy and fear and then suddenly she is orgasming and thrusting her hips upwards, involuntarily pumping the eggs into her own belly.

Once she is still and the ovipositor is disengaged, he stands up and looks around, sees me lying in a corner. He walks toward me, examines the wounds on my body, shakes his head. "Stupid boy. She was far too old for you."

He takes out a knife,

"This isn't gonna hurt but it is going to kill the brood growing in your belly. I don't want your little runts getting to my offspring and damaging them.

The knife descends and brings darkness with it.