Arnolds Breakfast

I sat in Arnolds, breaking my fast,
When in came a woman, tight pants
High, proud breasts, eyes to last
A lifetime with each glance.

I looked at her and envied the man
Sitting opposite her, engaging
Her in sultry, morning after talk.
Luck, lucky man I thought.

But then again I looked and saw,
A woman, ready for children, ripe
For motherhood. Her body ready,
To bear a generation of babies

I look again at her partner,
Strong, young, virile and ready
To help her raise those babies,
Carry the family load.

And me? I am happily a grandfather
And glad to be way out of it
Cheerfully watching the next generation
Breed and raise their children.

So though I might admire
The slinky sexy woman there,
That is all I do cos I have
Done it already, I have the scars

So, as they do the dance
Of love, of lust, of sex
I wish them both Love, luck
and lots and lots of babies.