Camps Bay Beach

Sunday and the newspapers were telling of a huge storm. Amanda sensibly stayed in bed and I headed to Camps Bay.

Waves are difficult to shoot so that they look impressive. You need a body, preferably not drowning or in trouble. Or a yacht, equally not in trouble. I did try to give an impression of the size of the waves but it was difficult! Trust me though, they were huge! The first one shows the foam that eventually was the main star of the show. It looks boring and kinda quiescent here, but just wait.

Keeping lenses clean was a mission. Throughout this series of pictures you are gonna see spots and blotches. Take that it as a sign that there has been no post processing and that I was there on the spot.

Sea Point

And then I decamped to Sea Point and things changed dramatically!

For one thing you could see the storm still hammering in.

This was the car park at the end of the promenade and foam is starting to make its mark.

These young boys just loved the foam!

No real water here, just foam.

This wave is a long way out and huge. No bodies make it impossible to tell what you are seeing.

A trig beacon provides a bit of a reference.

This picture was an accident. The rain was pouring down. Nope wait the rain was coming in at about 10 degrees to the horisontal and the lens got wet, at least the filter did and this very painterly picture was taken.


The cars got covered in foam.

Walking in the wind was difficult. A lot of the time I walked backwards into the wind, protecting the cameras from the rain and foam.

This picture was almost my undoing. I wanted at bit of the sea wall so I climbed down to get it. While I was down there a deceptive "little" wave of foam roared up the slope and nearly covered me completely.

Nice storm front and the sea as a foreground.

More foam racing in to try to catch me.

Art Picture moment here. But seriously, look at the palm fronds, the wind was ripping and tearing at them.

The approach of the foam is stealthy. You think you have a little bit of foam.

And then there is that "Oh, NOOOO" moment.

In my case "Oh SHHHHHH!" I ducked and hid the camera.

Cars cannot dodge so easily.

This wall of foam was nearly a metre high.

Alien art picture.

A safer sea wall - at least I thought it was.

And then it snuck up behind me.


That foam wave closer in is actually racing outwards!

Check the size of this one. It did get me!

And them! What a gallant man. He was covered in foam!

Care for a seat by the sea?

There were people taking pictures all over the place. This woman chose a safe place to do her composing. Sensible.

And here is Sea Point pool. No sun bathers here either.

And here I am, covered in foam and completely happy with my Sunday's photography. Thanx to a young lady who took this picture for me.

Where were you on Sunday afternoon?