Moon Drenched

I walk, dream laden, down a silvery, bone white road
It glides before me, endless
Like the cotton sheet that slid down your thighs,
Carressed your slick sweat glistening skin
Moon light lightly touches your breasts
Your belly, you open thighs.
Exposing, your secret places,
My hand intruding dark shadowy stranger
Your sighs, deep, harsh, guttural
Echo between us urging us on to
Mutual the incandescance of
our moon silvered union
We glided then, silent, still one
On that sheet white road,
As my hands hands had glided down the
Warp and weft, of the sheet and your body
Your sighs echo from the shadows
Of my memory, like your Dark triangle
They transport me from this world
To a world of magic Illusion,
soul merging where murmured sounds
Are the magical words that bring
A magical, world to life which ends
Tomorrow, sunrise, harshly
Hiding the magical, moon drenched road
As you hide your magic in your daily life.