Listening In

We lay, cuddled, spooned, drifting to sleep.
The world was far and far from our warm clinch.
And then, and then, from close next door a voice
An "Oh!" and "Ah" and most clearly "Oh!" again
"Loud Sex?" she asked, "Oh yes," I agreed softly.
"Ah, God," the voice "Don't stop" she said, louder,
I could not help, my hand did stray, downwards.
"Oh, Stop! Not now. I am listening to them."
I could not stop, the voice enraged, encouraged
Me on and she did not stop my sly hands movement,
Indeed, she pressed herself against my hard cock.
"Oh, oh!" The voice again, "Uh, ah, oh God!"
The bed did creak. slowly at first, but soon
With urgent thrustings and gruntings clearly
Heard by us, they worked towards a gasping
Climax. My hand was working hard, Her clit
Was easy to find. I stroked, caressed without
Restraint, I felt her start to buck and press
Against my hardness, against my desire.
The voice again, again, again, clearly
"Oh, yes, oh yes! Don't cum in me. No, No.
You said you would not cum in me. Oh fuck."
I reached for the condom I had waiting
But "No," she said "No, no, not that. Please not
Fill me with your strong seed, Fill me with cum."
"Are you very sure?" I asked. Not believing her.
"Yes, yes. I want to ooze you hot cum
From out of me." "And if a baby happens?"
I asked, "Oh," she said, "If it happens. We can"
Blame them for causing the unexpected
Baby and demand some maintenance."