I quietly sit in my corner alone
I'm watching people drink to fill
Their lonely, aching emptiness
Back against the wall, elbow resting
on the bar counter, beer glass close
To hand, beaded with drops like rain
Or tears for lonely isolation.
The bachelorrete party noisy, brash
Happily drunk and getting more
So with every sip, is silly with an
Undercurrent of loneliness and randiness
Next to me a blonde woman laughs
Drinks and glances slyly my way
I smile gently make no move, waiting.
Suddenly she turns away. bored
Distracted, forgetting me or so I
Think. Suddenly she lurches back.
Toppling suddenly, bar stool riding
Fast towards me. carrying the blonde
With it. Arms waving, hair flying, mouth
Agape. My hands move instinctively
Slide under her arms, feet hit the ground.
Rising fast, taking her weight, avoiding
Her swinging head and hair, taking
Handfuls of breasts as payment.
Tweaking nips gently once, twice.
Withdraw as she recovers avoiding
Accusations and anger. Bar stool
Flies she finds her feet, instead of
Moving away, she grinds her bum
Hard against me. Slides hand back
Strokes my thigh then just as quickly.
Pulls away. "Thank you for saving.
Saving me. I could have hurt myself."
Sly smile and she whirls away.
In a flurry of laughter and ribald
Teasing by her friends leaving me.
Alone again as they hurry out
Into the dark, headed for another bar
Another late night refuge from
The lonely silence of the night
They, she, all of them leave me
Aroused, abandoned, empty. Anger
Boils in my head. Hormones surge
I thrust my hand into my pocket
Fingers seeking cash find a card
A number, a name 'Alice' a smiley
"Phone me soon." I stare at it.
Take out my phone, dial, wait.
She answers, "Hello?"
"You said call." is all I get out.
She disconnects, I say "Fucken"
Search for suitable word. Still
Searching. Phone rings again.
Another voice "She is coming"
Pauses for shrieks of laughter
"Coming back. Directly. If she
Comes more that's your problem."
Laughter, silence. phone silent
Disconnected again. I wait not
Believing, hoping, disbelieving
Then she is back. "I didn't mean
So soon. Tomorrow I meant I did.
Now they all know." I stare at her.
Angry she is. Flustered too. Face
Red. Defiant. I sigh, smile, shrug
"They knew before you left. They
Were smiling, winking at me. You
Fell on me. They saw. and saw
You grind on me. They knew. Knew.
Long. Long. long before you fell."
Silently she looks at me. watches
Thinks, then slowly grins. "I guess"
Then leaning forward, lips to ear,
"Naughty, naughty. You are so bad"
A whisper, hand finds my rising hard
"Naughty, naughty boy. So hard.
So bad. Did you enjoy your grope?"
I hold her hips, guide her body up
Against mine. A gentle thrust.
Tongue sliding into her mouth
Brings a soft gasp. "Not here."
And in the darkness of my car.
My fingers deep inside her wetness
She moans softly, "Not here, not here"
And in her bed, she arches up,
Her legs apart, head thrown back.
Pelvis grinds hard, frantically
Against my mouth, my probing tongue
"Do it now and do it hard.
Now, now, take me now."
And rising up, I do just that
And empty all of me into her
Emptiness. She takes it all
And more and more and now?
She is gone and I am empty,
Waiting for her to return but
I know I wait in vain in the
Empty, lonely, echoing darkness.

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