Macro Photography

I have always been fascinated by Macro Photography. Especially of living things. When I was still using a standard analogue film camera it came out terribly expensive and I didn't dare fire off an entire spool on one little butterfly. Then I bought a digital camera and the world changed. I am quite capable of firing off 100 pictures, in the hope of getting just one good one.

This page reflects that obsession.

For those of a botanical bent, you will notice that many of the pictures are taken with lavendar as a back ground. This is because the local butterflies love my twenty foot long lavendar hedge. So do other things like the tiger spider having lunch.

I had to include this rather blurred picture for the curiousity value. Notice that the gecko dropped his tail at one or other stage and is now growing back, not one but two tails!

Lunch time in the lavendar. I couldn't see what constituted lunch, but lunch it was.

I included this extra picture of the spider because at the bottom, in the middle you can see the zig zag pattern that these spiders weave into their webs. I have never seen a convincing explanation of why they go to all that trouble. Maybe they are just sensitive souls and need a bit of decoration.

And you thought you had leg hair problems......

This one for Elsabe. I know she just loves these things.

This last one is my ultimate favourite.

This is a sand piper chick and was no more than 3 cm (1.5 inches) from tip to tail.

It got separated from its parents and sat dead still like that for nearly twenty minutes till the parents came and fetched it.