Easter - 2008

Easter and the Painters Weekend coincided this year. We were also joined by Janni, Luke and Steve. I bought a new camera. It is an Cannon EOS 30D. In our enthusiasm for the new camera we fired off nearly a thousand pictures over four days. You will be able to see that the camera was a superb instrument, but complex, so some of the pictures are not as good as the camera is capable of shootin. If you see any problems, blame us, not the camera.

I took a panoramic picture of Riviersonderend with my new camera.

Ok, here we go. Because it was Easter weekend we took the N1 out of Cape Town so if you see something that looks like the Robertson, McGregor area, that is why.

Hadeda Ibises. They seem to follow us where ever we go.

Sacred Ibis.


A pale chanting goshawk. The pictures don't do him credit. Grey and stippled front with coral beak and legs. He was very relieved when we left. You can see we are fans of Pale Chanting Goshawks by the number of pictures dedicated to him. The light was bad so we battled to get a good picture. We also need a longer lens.

Arrival RSND. You can see I am happy to be back in town.

A braai to start the weekend. Chris doing woodwork by fire light.


Swallows filling up before heading northwards. They are difficult to photograph. I took lots of photographs to get the few you see here.

Amanda looking menacing after the 500th picture of her.

Adolfo made this wonderful paella. Here he is in full cooking frenzy.

I haven't identified the plant, but it gets wonderful flowers and lots of bumble bees.

It being Easter there was a glorious full moon the made for bad Astronomy but good photo opportunities.

We had a dinner party on Saturday night.

The flash wasn't working but we got some pictures.

A double collared sunbird came to visit. They love that bush and visit it regularly. The male arrived first.

Then the lady came to visit.

I liked the look of the flower coming to visit.

The yellow wood is doing just fine.

The starlings love TV. It provides a place to shout the odds.

We now have a baby chameleon. Note that he is shedding his skin.

I didn't realise the chameleons drank water off leaves. I suppose it is obvious but somehow I just never thought it through.

Starlings bathing.

The rescue helicopter made a number of passes overhead. I think he was bored, cos he did some interesting cropspraying turns.

The Riviersonderend mountains at sunset.