East Cape Jol

I went to the East Cape ostensibly to asses whether to sell my plot in Boknes which I bought in 1975 and which is now worth a bit more than the R2 500 I originally paid for it. Of course I scored some lekker pictures. Join me in a very abbreviated visit to the East Cape of South Africa.

The first day I went fort hunting. Not much luck, but then I WAS looking in the wrong place! This was Thomas River and these tiny forts were to protect the railway station.
I was told it was quite a tourist trap. But it seemed to be closed at the time I arrived. And it was still closed when I left.

Alas the railway line that they protected is no more. The sign at least tells you the altitude and how far you are from East London.

Kidds Beach. A tiny bit of paradise.

Boknes, Padrao St. Changed from the first visit I made there. Now a bit of suburbia.

The plot is overgrown and has the makings of a sink away on it. The owner of the sinkaway makings rushed out to explain what it all was about.

However with the prices in the area, rampant crime and the distance, it would seem economic sense to sell the place. Much as I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and build a small beach cottage there, aside from the cost and distance, it isn't as much a beach side town now as it is a tiny bit of a Gauteng Retirement home.
Cannon Rocks had a nice photo opportunity and lots of vacant land. I stuck with the photo op!

AND NOW! The highlight of the trip! Addo. Last time I was there I saw not one elephant and was bored out of my skull. I had high hopes!
Within minutes of paying exorbitant prices for sun block and a hat (Yeah, you guessed it. I forgot both objects) I saw my first elephant. Well an elephant tail, but hell, this was progress.

And a tortoise!

And butterflies. Yes, they are drinking off a LARGE elephant dropping, but it IS very dry there.

We managed to spot this kudu at the top of a fire break and predict where he was gonna be in a few minutes time. As you can see we got it spot on.

Then we pulled the stunt of the day! While looking out from a look out point high above the plains we noticed a herd of elephant heading for a road crossing. We hammered back down to where we thought the crossing would be, and got it right again!

But if you are gonna look at my website, you have got to see at least one picture of blommies. It is mandatory!

This picture does not do justice to the spectacle a flock of egrets provided! These were just a sample We were surrounded by them but my camera batteries were on their way out at the time so I missed the flock itself. I mean huge, there must have been hundreds of them and they flew and cruised and surrounded us. What a beautiful sight they were!

A southern Booboo struts his stuff.

We saw many warthogs in the park and they were all grazing on the sides of the roads where a clover with a yellowish flower had bloomed. One warthog was even down on his knees eating the stuff. Even the elephants liked this clover and were ineffectually cropping at it with their trunks.

I saw a picture in a bird book of a Burchels Starling in Kidds Beach and was struck by its colouring, but I never believed I would actually see one this close up so soon!
This picutre was taken with a digital telepho on a Cannon says much for the closeness of the bird and the technology of modern cameras.

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