Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania - Day 1

We hired a car and set for the Apalachions and the Delaware Water Gap. We had a map, but no GPS and typically, for me at least, no bookings. In the middle of leaf peeping season the place had to be awash with B&B's and tourists and such things.

Finally we found ourselves outside of the built up areas and well on our way to Stroudsberg, our vague destination.

All the images of rural USA started to appear.

A coffee break to celebrate finding the Delaware River.

Leaves galore - or so we thought.

There are canals all over the place in Pennsylvania. The canals were used to trasport coal from the mines to the Delaware River, which was a highway to the industrialised coast. Most are now not used and the lock keepers houses are now used for other purposes.

This quaint little house is actually a public toilet.

The Delaware River. It is slow, peaceful and full of wild life.

And then the fall colours started.

Getting there!

The Pennsylvanian forests are extensive. This is a pull off near a rail siding. Amanda admiring the colours.

The Apalachians. I must admit I was expecting something more dramatic, but they are more a low range of hills than a range of mountains.

At the head of the Water Gap. They have a sight seeing look out and we stopped to do the tourist thing.

We are officially in the Water Gap. At least the Diner says we are.

American as apple pie? We were there just before Halloween and the Halloween decorations were everywhere to be seen. The pumpkins are mainly Halloween from what I was told, but you will see blow up pirates, skeletons, etc. etc.

Even Frankenstein on a motorbike.

This US "corn" or coloured mielies to me, always amazed me.

Sunset and STILL nowhere to stay. The tourist season ends when the cold weather arrives. The water gap is a water sport place, not a leaf peepers spot.

A bridge to Columbus.

And our lodgings? An ordinary motel. Clean, cheap and very, very welcome. Although having just seen "No country for old men." I did have my doubts!

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