Scattering Dad's ashes

In November 2007 family and I said a last farewell to my father, Dave Hayes. We scattered his ashes on a ridge in Cecelia Forest and then went and had a final drink to honour him. These pictures were provided by Amanda. No pictures of the scattering itself were taken at my request.

This is the view looking out over the hill that we scattered his ashes on. He once said to me that he would never walk the Cape Mountains again. I hope he will walk those mountains and be happy.

I read a poem by a poet my father loved, Robert Service. It says more than any words I can say.

Heart o' the North

And when I come to the dim trail-end,
I who have been Life's rover,
This is all I would ask, my friend,
Over and over and over:

A little space on a stony hill
With never another near me,
Sky o' the North that's vast and still,
With a single star to cheer me;

Star that gleams on a moss-grey stone
Graven by those who love me --
There would I lie alone, alone,
With a single pine above me;

Pine that the north wind whinneys through --
Oh, I have been Life's lover!
But there I'd lie and listen to
Eternity passing over.