More star pictures

I went to Gecko Creek and had dark skies like you will not believe. I did some astro-imaging and got some pictures of interest. I still haven’t got it sussed yet. Eventually I will.

The Orion nebula. First time I got colour

Great Orion Nebula

Star trails. 30 seconds. I am going to have to extend the time.


Astronomical Question

I was in the Cedarberg mountains, Western Cape, South Africa.
I was photographing Venus as it set in the west.
The bright object is Venus but what is that green object at 5 o’clock?


Technical details:
I was using a 100 – 400 canon telephoto lens. Focal length is reported as 100 mm.
It isn’t a lens or camera aberration as it appears in other photographs in different positions. And in the second photo it has trailed.
I have ruled out M9 and NGC 6356 as being too far away.
The star at 6 o’clock to it is, I suspect is c Oph.
I am lost.

Additional bigger pictures are here: