Archaeology in Betty’s Bay

I spent Saturday and Sunday helping out on an archaeological dig in Betty’s Bay sorting through shells trying to find anything that wasn’t a shell.
It was great.

The dig site with Jayson Orton leading the excavation.


Richard trying to figure out if the thing in the tray is a shell or not.


Rule number one. Don’t touch your face.


Betty’s bay sunrise


The shells in the ground


Jayson’s marked out layers.


The sieve for extracting  the interesting stuff from the ground,


Ink and bleach paintings

I joined an art course and was required to use ink and bleach on paper as the medium. I was very dubious, but with a little research and a lot of experimentation, I started to get some interesting effects. This is an early example of my experiments. I cheated the white is soft white pastel.


What is it? Can’t you see? It is a piece of drift wood! I thought that much would be obvious. Ok this is it.


And here is a later more practiced version.


It is amazing what you can do with strange media isn’t it?

Burgers Pass – Montague

I love travelling at the best of times but passes are the cherry on the top. The Burgers Pass is no exception. Burgers pass is just outside Montagu in the Western Cape.


And it looks like this looking back.


Looking forward, it looks like this. Not too impressive.

This is the approach. Doesnt look like much does it?


Photographing Models

Ok, before you go any further and then get disappointed, these are models of army vehicles, not the human kind.

Ok having disposed of that, a friend asked me to photograph a model for him. He gave me the model and piece of blue paper. “It is going into a book” he says.

My first attempts were at first ludicrous but eventually I evolved a light box.


For the technically minded:
Camera Canon EOS 60d
Fstop 16
Speed 1.3″
ISP 160

The results are shown here

If you are a keen modeller, then visit Chris’ web site here.

Shirley Temple Black

Shirley Temple Black who had three careers died today.
She was a child actor, a mother and wife and she was a business woman and diplomat. You don’t get more succesful than that.
I saw a quote of hers that I liked.

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus at the age of six when my mother took me to see him in a store and he asked for my autograph.”

Mind you the other quote, come philosophy that works for me is:

“Some people are stuck on this image of the little girl,” she once said. “She is not me. We shouldn’t live in the past; my life is now.”

Gaffing a seal

During our trip to see pelagic birds off Cape Point we followed a long line fishing vessel fishing for kingklip. The birds follow the vessels to collect the by-catch. You can see the scrum in this picture.

longline scrum

Sometimes the birds get caught too. See the nylon in the birds beak? There is most likely a hook attached.


Seals also follow the boats and collect escapees and by catch
Here is a seal tucking into a kingklip dinner.

seal dinner

The problem is that seals get a bit enthusiastic about collecting the by catch and escapees. To discourage the seals the fishermen lure them in then gaf them. Don’t believe me? Check out the following sequence.
Fisherman waiting.


Got him.


And haul him in.


A little higher perhaps?


The food the seal was scoring was the heads that were being tossed off the boat by the fishermen. We watched as the heads were carefully collected around the stern of the boat. A pointless bit of cruelty, but then I am not a fisherman.

Dunno you decide.

Deuteronomy Goes to the USA

This is an old story, but worth putting back here:
When my grandson Sami was born, Niki Botha knitted him a toy dragon. Debate raged on how to transport a dragon, albeit a toy dragon to the USA. When I bought a rucksack, the problem was solved. Deuteronomy claimed the back seat of rucksack.

This is a picture of him practicing riding on the back seat of the rucksack.


Sami with the Dragon