This is where I publish my stories, autobiographical, semi-autobiographical and fiction.

Just do be warned, I do have a very strange imagination and the stories are not aimed at children, so what might appear to be a perfectly normal fantasy story may have twists that suit more mature audiences however, if you are looking for porn, you ain’t gonna find it here.

Just to be completely clear. I have rated the stories from no rating, nothing explicit, X Slightly explicit, XX Slightly more explicit and XXX very explicit. You have been warned.

Dream I had no idea where this one was going, I changed direction and then changed back. I ended up with this strange back and forth story.

14 Days I came across a challenge to write a full story in less than 200 words. Here it is. I cheated. 279 words. Take it or leave it.

Seeing Double Murder and Birding.

Mirror: Fantasy horror.

Walpurgis Demon Fantasy story.  Sword and sorcery. X

Walking a Door on Noordhoek Beach. A story about what happens when context disappears. A silly, surfing linked story.

Loup A dream sequence story – I like circles, so this is an experiment in a circular story. I also tried for a pun in the name but the French didn’t co-operate.

Click Click A ghost story – set in the East Cape Mountains.

The Tree A fairy story – adult but not erotic

Reflections A story about autoeroticism – or more plainly hanging yourself for sexual gratification. XXX

The Dell  A hiking story, mostly true

Emerald A hiking story with a twist. X

Battle : Chapter One Fantasy, medieval world.

Redhead A tragedy.

Cave. Cave diving combined with a slightly erotic love story.

Straddle. A story about the dangers of autoerotic asphyxiation. XX

Knysna A story that started out as an experiment in steam punk as a short story and kinda grew. XX

Rug A silly story that isn’t finished, but is fun as it is. XX

White Roses A ghost story with an African flavour

Dance – a SciFi love story about dancing – go figure

Wine – a violent tragedy. X rated.

Clock – a ghost story.

Fish shop – a fish shop story.

Barbel – a fishing and hiking story.

Moonlight – a grown up fairy story

Nappy – A silly almost true story from the seventies. If you found the broken file, I fixed it. It is now complete.

Dulcie – My enfant terrible story. I have rewritten it, fought with it and still don’t believe it is complete. You decide, but don’t tell me. Rated XX

Remember – A strange tragedy with an IT twist. Rated XX

Caretaker – Not for the faint hearted and total fiction.

Aura – A love story of sorts, but with a twist. Rated X

Blonde – Erotic story with a twist. Rated XXX

Shadow – Love story with a twist (again). Rated XX

Speedgirl – A story about a con job. Rated XXX

Salty – A sort of love story

Cavedweller – a journey. This one lay around for months half completed because my heroine lay in a ball and refused to move or to co-operate with any story line I could think of. This went on until I had an argument with a colleague about the story and realised that I had tried to make my heroine something that she wasn’t. Once we had agreed on who she was and what she wanted, the story was easy.

Heroin. An almost true short story.

Oil Man Watching A ghost story with a twist. Rated XX

Rope – A Climbing Story

Car Thief – Crime Story

Rose – A kinky/sexy story. Rated XXX

Fourier – A ghost story.

Ovipositor – A explicit horror story. Rated XXX

Samosa – Adventure story – adult version. My first at 9000 words. Rated XX

Samosa – Adventure story. My first at 9000 words.