Cape Point – The Fairest Cape in all the World

We visited Cape Point Nature reserve and got a bit suntanned, a couple of new birds and as usual some really great images,

Buffelsbaai. I had a swim trying out the new action camera, but was warned out of the water by the surfers. Said they had seem some sharks and fairly close in.  This is Dylan braving the shark infested seas…

IMG_3717More surfing pics here.

Its a shark, really. How do I know? It moved faster than the surrounding kelp. Seriously, they were not very big and didn’t seem to take much notice of humans in the water.

Platbos on the Atlantic Side was so very beautiful.

Of course a polarising filter helps.


Dissent in the family. Juvenile birds always give trouble.


Smitswinkel Bay

Erica – they seem to like the disturbed edges of the roads.