Lunar Eclipse 21 January 2019

There was a total lunar eclipse in in January this year but being in Cape Town we would only see the start before it slipped below the horizon.
I was not convinced it would be worth my while but in the end it turned out to be quite a good call to get up at 4:30 and head up to Signal Hill.

The start of the eclipse
Changing coluur
Blood moon starting
Hitting the horizon
During the eclipse a boat when through and provided an art photo.

Hikers Descending Lions Head under a New Moon

The new moon sets behind Lions Head as hikers descend from the top after watching the sunset.


During that photographic session I saw a green deep sky object. I am still battling to identify it and figure out why it is green. The red circle on the right is a hiker, the red circle on theleft is Venus, but what is the green object?


Astro Photography in Bontebok National Park

We went to the Bontebok National park to do some astro-photography. The park is small but beautiful.

Bontebok Park website is here:

There were some clouds early in the evening which cleared up and by 2 am the stars were gorgeous.
Sunset. Clouds to ruin the “seeing”. Nice pictures though.



10 pm. Still clouds but they do add some interest.



2 am and the camera is out of focus. Pictures are still pretty good though.